The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition (MCRC)
is training "Recovery Coaches"
to help individuals, families and inmates make progress in their recovery.  Coaches will have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the following programs:

  •  Helping Families Succeed
  • Helping Individuals in Recovery Succeed
  • Helping the Fishing Community Succeed
  • Helping Prison and Jail Inmates Succeed
You will also work within a team of care including treating practitioners, case managers and other professionals to assurehealing of the effects of addiction.  Regular meetings will be scheduled to foster development of expertise and to provide ongoing support of coaches.

There will be no cost for training for Recovery Coaches who participate in Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition programs.  There will be a sliding scale fee schedule for other trainees who would not be available to MCRC to help with its many programs.

Please forward a message about your interest in Recovery Coach Training to or call (207) 701-1182.  We will then send you a link to a "Doodle Poll" to find out which dates in October and November work best for you. 
We look forward to your involvement with MCRC!  A Healthy Community is Stronger than Any Drug!


The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition is launching a new program, "Helping Families Succeed", to impact the lives of women and families affected by addiction, and in particular pregnant and new moms and their infants.  
The Coalition (MCRC) is pleased to announce a new hire for this very important program to break the cycle of addiction in mid-coast Maine. 
Rachel Smolenski, MS-P., has been hired as a Case Manager to lead this program. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree Human Services Management along with an Associates in Early Childhood Education. She brings over 20 years of experience working with individuals, families and children in supporting each to reach their full potential with the services and resources available. 
At the very heart of the "Helping Families Succeed” program will be a strong effort to gain the trust of families deeply mired by the consequences of drug addiction. Affected parents struggle with their own problems and lack the skills and resources to raise their family to be successful community members. As a result, many children endure neglect and trauma when they deserve consistent love and support. Research has shown that by the time many "affected" children arrive in kindergarten, they are described as being "almost feral" and completely unprepared to learn. 
Rachel has worked in numerous roles supporting families through the Early Childhood, Social Service and Mental Health Systems. Rachel's previous work has proven to exemplify her ability to build relationships with families, children and the community through collaborative efforts and effective communication. 
Rachel currently is the Director and Founder of The Diaper Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Charitiable Organizaiton in the state of Maine that provides FREE cloth and disposable diapers and wipes to families in diaper need in the mid-coast area. This work experience has afforded Rachel the opportunity to meet with many families at different stages in their own lives and provide support, encouragement and resources as needed. 
While Maine has numerous agencies available to help these families, statistics suggest that fewer than half will accept help due to distrust of outsiders and of authority, particularly from the government. Those with the greatest needs are commonly the least likely to get the help they need. MCRC will seek to build a bridge to these services by first gaining the trust of these families and to provide long term support and hope. 
MCRC will begin active outreach to families in need starting in October but is currently accepting inquiries from other agencies or from individuals about assisting families with infants and toddlers. 
For more information, contact MCRC at (207)701-1182 or






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"A healthy community is more powerful than any drug"
                                                                                             - Dr. Ira Mandel, MCRC Founder

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